Public Release Data of the Administrative Wage and Labor Market Flow Panel (AWFP)

The AWFP is a dataset on labor market flows and stocks for the universe of German establishments (Betriebe). It contains data on job flows (changes in the number of employees per establishment), worker flows (information about the hiring and firing activity), and wages for each establishment. The AWFP was generated within the framework of the projects “Custom Shaped Administrative Data for the Analysis of Labour Market” and „Wages, Heterogeneities, and Labor Market Dynamics“. Both projects are part of the German Science Foundation (DFG) priority program „The German Labor Market in a Globalized World“ (SPP 1764).

The aggregated public release datasets of the AWFP contain, e.g., information on job and worker flows for groups of firms and thus can be used to study the cyclical dynamics (of fractions) of the labor market in terms of turnover and churning.


Dataset description



Public Release Data Set

Version 1.0 for Stata 13 or later (12 datasets)


Publications with AWFP data: