Third Party Funds Projects

The Chair of Macroeconomics (Lehrstuhl für Volkswirtschaftslehre, insb. Makroökonomik) has three ongoing third party funds projects:

1. The macroeconomic effects of short-time work and fiscal policy – An analysis on the interface between dynamic macro-labor economics and applied econometrics

Founded by the Fritz Thyssen Research Foundation

Contact: Britta Gehrke and Christian Merkl


2. Wages, Heterogeneities, and Labor Market Dynamics

Founded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation)

Contact: Christian Merkl and Heiko Stüber


3. The financial system and macroeconomic shocks: an integrated micro-macro analysis

Funded by the Ludwig-Erhard-Forschungsgesellschaft für Kooperative Wirtschaft (Ludwig-Erhard-Research Institute for Cooperative Economy)

This third party fund project is carried out in cooperation with the Deutsche Bundesbank.

Contact: Swetlana Kreiser and Christian Merkl