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Here are examples for internships and practical experiences of students within the “Macroeconomics and Finance” module and PhD students:

  • Sebastian Becker (PhD), OECD, Paris, France
  • Sascha Faber (MSE), Banking Supervision, Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt
  • Swetlana Kreiser (PhD), International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva, Switzerland
  • David Hardt (MSE), European Representation of the Federal Employment Agency, Brussels, Belgium
  • Patrick Kellenberger (MSE), International Labour Organisation (ILO), Geneva, Switzerland
  • Milena Kern (MSE), International Labour Organisation (ILO), Geneva, Switzerland
  • Deepita Muhaimen (MSE), Micro-Finance at BRAC, Bangladesh
  • Fabian Nöth (MSE), International Labour Organisation (ILO), Geneva, Switzerland
  • Kilian Ruppert (MSE), Economics, Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt
  • Kilian Ruppert (MSE), Economic Research, European Central Bank, Frankfurt
  • Anton Schindler (MSE), Economic Research, UniCredit, Munich 

MSE students can find more information (e-mail, presentations) in a password protected area at Studon. If you, as a MSE student, are interested in contacting any of the previous persons, please contact Manuel Meisenecker (E-Mail Address:

Internships and the Master of Science in Economics (MSE)

More general information about the program, credit validation, information about previous annoucements and report of previous interns, among other information can be found here.

Research oriented internships at international organizations for the Master’s programs FACT and MSE

The information session for the joint internship program between the ILO and FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg took place on November 8th, 2016.

For all students who are interested in applying for the program, more information can be found here.

Deadline for handing in the application is December 1st, 2016.