Dr. Benjamin Lochner

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Teaching Macroeconomics, International Finance

About him:

Benjamin Lochner is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. He is also a senior researcher at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB).

Benjamin Lochner’s research focuses on the interesection of macro and labor. He studies individual heterogeneity, allocation mechanisms with search frictions as well as macroeconomic dynamics.


Recent Research Visits:

  • Dale Mortensen Centre, Aarhus University,  11/2019
  • Dale Mortensen Centre, Aarhus University,  09/2018
  • University of Hong Kong,  05/2018
  • Dale Mortensen Centre, Aarhus University, 04/2018
  • Dale Mortensen Centre, Aarhus University, 12/2017


Recent Working Papers:

  • Bias, D., Lin, C., Lochner, B.,  and Schmid, T. (2020): „Measuring workers‘ monetary incentives“ (under review) (Link)
  • Bossler, M., Gürtzgen, N., Kubis, A., Küfner, B., and Lochner B. (2020): „The IAB Job Vacancy Survey – Design and Research Potential“ (revision requested)
  • Gürtzgen, N., Lochner, B., Pohlan, L., and van den Berg, G.J. (2020): „Does Online Search Improve the Match Quality of New Hires?“ (revision requested)
  • Lochner, Benjamin and Bastian Schulz (2020): „Firm Productivity, Wages, and Sorting“, IAB Working Paper, No. 04/2020. (Link)
  • Lochner, B., Merkl, C., Stüber, H. and Gürtzgen, N. (2019): A Note on Recruiting Intensity and Hiring Practices: Cross-Sectional and Time-Series Evidence. (revision requested) (Link)
  • Hafner, Lucas and Benjamin Lochner (2019): Do Minimum Wages Improve Self-Rated Health? Large Evidence from a Natural Experiment. (under review) (Link)
  • Bauer, Anja and Lochner, Benjamin (2019): „History Dependence in Wages and Cyclical Selection: Evidence from Germany“ (revision requested) (Link)
  • Lochner, Benjamin and Bastian Schulz (2016): „Labor Market Sorting in Germany“, CESifo Working Paper, No. 6066, August 2016. (Link)
  • Lochner Benjamin (2014): „Employment protection in dual labor markets: Any amplification of macroeconomic shocks?,“ FAU Discussion Papers in Economics, No. 14/2014Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Institute for Economics. (PDF)



  • Lochner, Benjamin, Seth, Stefan and Wolter, Stefanie (2020): „Decomposing the Large Firm Wage Premium in Germany“, Economics Letters, Vol. 194. (Link)
  • Bellmann, L., Lochner, B. , Seth, S. , and Wolter, S. (2020): AKM effects for German labour market data. FDZ-Methodenreport, 01/2020 (en), Nürnberg, 21 S. (Link)
  • Bossler, Mario; Gürtzgen, Nicole; Lochner, Benjamin; Betzl, Ute; Feist, Lisa (2020): The German minimum wage: effects on productivity, profitability, and investments. In: Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, Jg. 240, H. 2/3, S. 321-350.(Link)
  • Lochner, Benjamin (2019): A simple algorithm to link „last hires“ from the Job Vacancy Survey to administrative records. (FDZ-Methodenreport, 06/2019), Nürnberg, 16 S. (Link)



Work in Progress:

  • Household Labor Supply and Worker Flows: New Evidence from Joint Job Search from Germany – with Bastian Schulz (Aarhus University)
  • What explains the Large Firm Wage Premium? – with Daniel Bias (Stockholm School of Economics)