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Teaching Macroeconomics I: Business Cycles

Monetary Policy and Applied Macroeconomics

International Economics (Monetary)

About her:

Britta Kohlbrecher is a post-doctoral researcher at the Chair of Macroeconomics. She received her doctoral degree in economics from the Universtiy of Erlangen-Nürnberg in June 2016. Prior to her doctoral studies, she studied International Relations (B.A.) at TU Dresden and Science Po Bordeaux and International Economics (M.A.) at the University of Göttingen and the University of California, Los Angeles. During her doctoral studies she held a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation and was a BGPE Doctoral Student.

Britta Kohlbrecher’s research focuses on macroeconomics and the labor market.




Kohlbrecher, B., Merkl, C. und Nordmeier D. „Revisiting the Matching Function“, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2016, 69, 350-374. (Link)


Recent Working Papers: 

Kohlbrecher, B. and C. Merkl , 2016, „Business Cycle Asymmetries and the Labor Market“, IZA Discussion Papers No. 9816. (PDF)

Hochmuth, B., Gartner, H., Kohlbrecher, B. und C. Merkl, 2016, „Labor Selection over the Business Cycle: An Empirical Assessment“. FAU Discussion Papers in Economics No. 02/2016. (PDF)

Brown, A., Kohlbrecher, B., Merkl C. und Dennis Snower, „The Effects of Productivity and Benefits on Unemployment: Breaking the Link“, UNU-Merit Working Paper, No. 32-2016. (Link)

Kohlbrecher, B., 2016, “Optimal Monetary Policy under Rigid Wages and Decreasing Returns.” (PDF)